Wow! I’ve spent so much time completely engaged with painting that I’ve not found any extra time to keep this blog updated. Apologies for that!

Being an independent artist means I fulfill almost every aspect of my output – from video recording and editing to website updating, printed stationary and  well, everything in between. Write the theme tune.. sing the theme tune. I only mention ALMOST as GreyJamPress have been my screenprinters since the very beginnings.. and even then, typically I’m right there assisting with the production run.

In any case, happy new year. What a year last year was for my practice, both with the paintings and also work rate. I produced just less than 50 paintings – averaging about one a week.. Which is a sterling effort and perfect way to break in the new studio in Woolwich.

I was fortunate enough to paint several large public pieces which is always nice and while I didn’t release many printed editions I have made up for it moving in to 2019.

Some highlights include my studio book from 2018-2019 which I’m delighted to have sold out of at the end of January and have had a re-run made to share with those that missed out. Other exciting editions include a new artwork mirror, printed tote shopper bags, paper prints and much more!

As you an tell, I’m super excited to get stuck in to this year and share more of it hopefully here and also in my digital diary (instagram).


Stay well my friends,