I recently painted this giant artwork across the balcony terrace floor of The Collective Old Oak in London. The floor mural is the largest surface area piece I have produced to date and is approximately 30 meters in length and 3 meters wide.

Video below..

With in keeping with the rest of my painted works, we embraced a free-handed and first time natured approach to producing this artwork. Having a pre-drawn design meant we were in much better stead to have the works produced in time for the opening of the terrace. We had the artwork sketched up in no time and from then it was just a case of painting in the shapes – one colour at a time.

This approach would work really great for community and public involvement – so I look forward to sharing the process again with others. Perhaps not so much for a floor mural, as even with a small team working on this we needed to be all on the same page so that we could synchronise which areas needed to painted and not stepped in.

You’ll see in the video below, we used brushes for the smaller shapes and rollers for the larger areas. It was a great system and I’m super pleased with how great the floor mural came together. It’s a really vibrant and energetic painting that I’m positive the residents will enjoy – it also makes for a great break in what is a fairly muted and industrial London skyline.

I can’t wait to spot this on Google Maps and welcome any further enquiries for terrace murals and floor artworks – in London and beyond!!

A special thanks to The Tupman Bros and my excellent assists Jamie Krooks and BRK192 – Teamwork really does make the dream work and it was my pleasure to share this project with you guys.