Following from my Parallax Gold paintings, I was kindly invited to paint an external wall with this approach in the garden of a residential property in Cork, Ireland. As a frequent visitor to the city, it’s never a dull time with much craic to be had!

As I mentioned in my last post from another visit to Ireland – February is a tricky time to visit and be working with your hands outside but as always it is absolutely worth it for the end result.

In fact, it was so cold that applying any tape to the wall was really quite fruitless as there was just no adhesive properties to grasp in such low temperatures – and just to make things extra playful, aerosol typically doesn’t like to be cold either. I do love a challenge 😀

This was the first application of this series of works in aerosol and I’m really pleased with the iridescent outcome with the gold as often spray painted gold can result in either an overly ‘classical’ bronzed gold OR a highly tacky gold – neither ideal for this series of works. Furthermore I’m super happy with the placement here as a feature piece; which these abstract artworks really function best as.

The garden wall directly faces the view from the kitchen and dining room windows which I’m told has been exceptionally well by Sarah and Paul and I’m sure their new born will enjoy exploring the work with his own untainted and playful imagination when he’s walking and talking.

Darren John Parallax Garden Wall Mural Cork

Darren John Parallax Garden Wall Mural Cork

Darren John Parallax Garden Wall Mural Cork

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