Those of you unfamiliar with the procedure of commissioning a painting from an artist would be excused for assuming it was a lengthy, awkward or specialist task. Dealing with an artist should be no different than an interaction with a friend; after all, art should be accessible to everyone and not just for the 1%ers of the world (which is an increasing myth among many of those I speak with).

Much like my aim with my artwork is a shared experience, so too is my approach to taking commissions.

Whether it be to capture a moment in the past, present or future – making a bespoke art commission allows a buyer to influence the end result of a painting and produces a much more personal outcome. Working in this way opens a door to produce work that carries value above and beyond just the physical properties of a painting (which could be reduced to acrylic stuck on canvas, wrapped around wood). In this way the works carry an intrinsic emotional and personal quality that arguably, ensure a richer experience with art.

Darren John Brighton Painting Commission

My Process

Usually I will gather information about the particular subject of the painting and take elements from this and apply it to the work. I use these pieces of information to contribute to the colours, forms and overall composition of a painting, so that the outcome of a piece could almost act as an abstract portrait of a subjects creative spirit.

Below is a recent commission for 8 year old Max, who specifically requested an original painting for his birthday, who his Aunt was to purchase. My primary palette pieces really stood out as favourites for him and he requested a piece similar to these with a few preferences (minus the colour red, with fewer straight edges and he also included some information about his personality and things he liked.)

Darren John Brighton Artist Commission

Working this way is incredibly rewarding and the pieces not only become highly personal but moreover they are as special and unique as each and every subject that a painting captures.

Get in Touch

To commission a painting, do get in touch – I’m always very happy to take new bookings.