Frequently Asked Questions.

Question What is an art commission
AnswerAn art commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of a custom piece of original art.

A commission provides collectors with original works of art of a particular size, for a certain space, and/or of a specific subject matter.

Question How long does it take to complete a commission
AnswerEach commission is unique and so each collector is provided with an estimate based on the date the commission is booked and the specifics of the surface the artwork will be applied (Canvas, Paper or Glass).
Question Who is it for?
AnswerYour children, your partner, your clients or even yourself!

Parents often commission Darren to capture the creative spirit of their children – to act as a time capsule of their childhood in the moment.

Darren holds no restrictions on who is eligible for booking a commission and through a consultation, he can talk you through the process in more detail to outline what is required for him to work from.

Question What is the process?
AnswerThe first point of call is a consultation with Darren.

During a consultation Darren will outline what is required from you, for him to create your commission. These requirements can differ based on who the subject of the painting is – but typically consist of information about the subject, ranging from their childhood and favourite toys to character traits, hobbies and memories of childhood.

Once payment has been received, Darren will send a ‘brief sheet’ for you to generate written information about the subject for him to work with. In addition he will request any additional material like photographs, reference imagery, childhood drawings, items of nostalgia etc..

Once Darren has this information he can begin to produce the artwork.

Question What are your prices?
AnswerPricing is based on size and specific materials and ranges from £500 – £2000.

All bookings require payment in advance.

Question What materials do you use?
AnswerDarren offers his abstract portraits across three surfaces:

Darren John Parallel Blue
Canvas –
Hand-stretched Canvas using top quality 36 mm deep artists’ stretcher bars made from European pine.


Paper – Depending on artwork size, a minimum of 300gsm Acid Free Hot-Pressed paper stock.


Darren John Parallel Glass
Glass –
Glass pieces are produced direct to the front surface of the glass.

Question What is the bottle?

Darren produces these paintings with a very unique applicator that he makes himself, specifically for these artworks.

Working from above, the works are made by pouring thick gloss paint from a bottle directly to the surface. This approach reduces hesitation, aiming to move towards the mind and hand acting as a single entity.

The paintings are created with a first time approach and captures not only the creative spirit of their subject but also the story of the actual painting process in three dimensional form.