Artist talks. From experience they can be a little dry, self involved and rather fluffy.. so to be invited to produce two talks at the start of March was a really welcome challenge.

Rather than compile a list of all the paintings I’ve produced over the last decade and talk about them one by one in a kind’ve ‘then I did this and then I did that‘ fashion.. I sectioned up various areas of my practice that would be both interesting for me to talk about but also provide value to creative individuals soon to leave the educational institutions and out on their owns.

Here’s a little breakdown with some small summaries of the 6 sections I split my talks down in to:

As you can see the talks avoid simply sharing a catalogue of works and instead highlights some really important areas within my practice that I wanted to talk about and share. From creating a personal manifesto right through to the end section where I was able to share some of the projects I have produced the painted application for on behalf of other artists. It was a super rewarding process for myself in putting the sections together and I had an absolute blast sharing it with the two different groups from the universities.

My first talk took place at UAL at their London College of Communication over at Elephant and Castle and was alongside another artist Alice Wilson. Two quite different approaches to both our practices but also presentations – which made for a really refreshing pairing of talks for our listeners.

The screen setup was fantastic with a really HD display – so when I got to share my Process section, the videos of my artworks coming to life was really shone in an excellent light.

The next area of the talk which was really nice for me to talk about was the public art section – Scaling Up. Making art both accessible and interrupting cities with vibrant and full colour artworks is something I am really proud is a part of my practice and it was wonderful to get to share my large abstract street paintings from London and beyond.

My second talk at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts followed these same sections but since both talks were only a week apart, I allowed space for myself to flow through without a script so that the talks were both organic and conversational.

The sections following gave me space to talk about the various non-traditional routes I employ in sharing art outside of wall hanging canvases and also was a great opportunity to discuss some of the ventures I have produced over the years in order to continue my effort to make work that is affordable and accessible. The Pay What You Want series’ from 2016 and 2017 but also and more recently the Scratch & Win Scratchcards that I produced in 2019.

It was such an enjoyable process to share the things that I’m most passionate about and especially to promote my practice and what is at the core of the work – The revival of the creative imagination. Both sessions had a Q & A section towards the end to open up a bit more of a discussion about art making. Both sets of groups here were very engaged and provided some really excellent questions for me.

It was truly a pleasure to produce these talks and I will be looking for book more moving forwards!!

Thanks so much again to Charley Peters and Benjamin Murphy from UAL and to Rupert and Jo from CSPVA! And a big thanks again to Lihui for this excellent drawing too 😀