About my mission.

My primary concern as an artist is the value of creative imagination and it’s suppression in everyday life.

There is a sense of awe and wonder innate to childhood that persists in life despite a tendency for this spirit to be curtailed in adulthood.

For the child that has not learnt where the boundaries are supposed to lie, the imagination remains limitless.

My mission is to make tangible this sense of unchained creative freedom.

Why The Creative Spirit and Imagination?

I’ve been making drawings, paintings and all sorts of other things for as long as I can remember. I just love it!

The loop between creative thinking and the act of making provides me with so much satisfaction, I get completely lost in it. The freedoms within the flow of it are amazing, but it’s what happens after that really makes it for me.

The joy I feel once I’ve made something from my creative imagination is indescribable and being able to celebrate and share these freedoms is what I have dedicated my life to.

The seeds of creativity live within us all and our imaginations give us the power to change both our own lives and our world for the better.

Share the infinite joys of imagination.

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