About my mission.

My primary concern as an artist is the value of creative imagination and its suppression in everyday life.

There is a sense of awe and wonder innate to childhood that persists in life despite a tendency for this spirit to be curtailed in adulthood.

For the child that has not learnt where the boundaries are supposed to lie, the imagination remains limitless.

My mission is to make tangible this sense of unchained creative freedom.

Why The Creative Spirit and Imagination?

I’ve been making drawings, paintings and all sorts of other things for as long as I can remember and this snowballing of creative thinking has become an essential part of my happiness in everyday life!

The main traits required in creative thinking are the keys to an individual’s freedom from the oppressions of everyday life.

Being creative fuels a divergency in those that exercise their creative spirits and these individuals are typically self assertive in both thought and action.

The seeds of creativity live within us all and our imaginations give us the power to change both our own lives and our world for the better.

The Paintings

“Darren’s work takes the imagination itself as subject. These are not paintings of places or events, rather the canvas operates as a window into the mind of the painter.

Cryptic and imposing yet playful, John’s visual language channels the mind set of creativity in all its spontaneity. His iconography and abstract forms collide and coexist without explanation like impulsive thoughts in the psyche.

As viewers, we are invited to decipher this aura of mystery and in doing so we must engage with the artist’s vision on its own terms. At this point, we too have entered the portal and have arrived in the realm of our own unbound creative imagination.” – Extract from Portal – Written by Joe J Robinson

The Process

The final vision comes from a process-led idea and is the result of an instinctive interplay between the marks, forms and colours; each one informing the next.

These process focused ideas also evolve and inform one another and in this way, creative play, chance and intuition become the governing forces behind the final vision.

Creative Play to inspire Creative Play.

Creativity is contagious, Pass it on.

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