Creating portals to revive and explore the limitless possibilities of the unchained imagination.

Hello, I am Darren John – an Artist celebrating the heightened experiences of a limitless Imagination and untamed Creative Spirit.

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Contemporary Abstract Artist Darren John

Darren creates bold and visceral paintings that explore and celebrate the untamed creative spirit.

From his London Studio he paints with Acrylic and Gloss paint to produce abstract works that embrace the bright colours and forms of childhood creativity
– vibrant imagery that is universally recognisable and impossible to ignore.

New year, more vibes

I got so carried away with painting and producing artworks that I forgot to write any blog posts.. You won't believe what I did next..
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Darren John Creative Artist Studio London

New Paintings from the Studio

Some great new studio paintings and public art mural coming to you from the London Studio and the Streets of Liverpool!
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Darren John Artist Studio London

New London Studio for 2018

Great News! I've got a lovely new London Studio and you're all invited to visit!
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